Three very particular and enthusiastic individuals share two big dreams; to travel the world and to form part of the 2019 Liquorish team. Which one of them will become the 2019 Coca-Cola Liquorish champion?

Aidan Gatt, 31

Aidan's three great passions are technology, fitness and history. Having already travelled outside of Europe once to Japan, Aidan is a sports enthusiast who knows no limits. A positively self-made man, nothing can really wipe the smile off Aidan's face except for minor things; insects and heights.

Aidan's Coca-Cola Impossible Adventure is a traditional sport challenge.

Lindsay Ilic, 31

Fiercely independent, Lindsay is a bodyguard with the US Embassy and enjoys all kinds of physical activity. Although she admits that being away from her daughter will prove a challenge in itself, her zest for life, positivism and sense of adventure is infectious and Lindsay is confident this will get her through the worst Liquorish 2019 will have to offer.

Lindsay's Coca-Cola Impossible Adventure is an expedition exploring anything particular the country has to offer.

Christian Borg, 25

Having already visited a substantial part of Europe, he is now looking towards lengthening his travels to explore other cultures and experience a different way of life. Plain-speaking yet sensitive, Christian is a fearless character hoping to land himself a Liquorish plane ticket and be able to immerse himself fully in this adventure.

Christian's Coca-Cola Impossible Adventure is living with an indigenous family or tribe.