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Christmas Dinner Starter - Prawn & Calamari Riso al Salto

Serves 8

Christmas Dinner Main - Roast Turkey

Roberta's roast turkey recipe is a Christmas favourite. This delicious, easy to make turkey is flavoured with fresh herbed meat, butter, parsley, garlic. The butter mixed with the herbed meat under the skin will keep the breast meat moist and flavourful. Another secret is to rest the turkey for as long as it took to cook; as it relaxes, the juices are re-absorbed, making the meat succulent, tender and easier to carve. It may seem like a long time, but the texture will be improved the longer it is left to rest. Piping hot gravy will restore the heat. This recipe takes 3hrs to prepare and cook and serves between 8-10 people. Any leftovers would make a delicious curry or rolls the next day.

Christmas Dinner Dessert - Creme brulee with orange segments or mixed berries

Serves 8

Salmon Salad with Asparagus

A lightly grilled salmon accompanied with a delicious crispy mixed salad with asparagus topped with lemon basil vinaigrette.

About the Preca Sisters

The Preca Sisters

Coca-Cola is collaborating with Roberta and Ramona to bring you mouthwatering gourmet recipes you can make at home for your family and friends. Enjoy a Coca-Cola with these delicious recipes.

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